Sharon and Casey Parker
Casey & Sharon met at a square dance beginners hoe-down in   January of 1971. Sharon began cueing and teaching rounds in 1975 while   at the same time Casey began calling squares. Sharon currently has   workshops covering phases I-VI. They have written many dances such as   Sh-Boom (Golden Classic), Gardenia Tango, Walkin’ & Talkin’, American Boogie,   I Want a Love That Will Last, In the Mood, Bare Footin’ and Penny Arcade after   which their Round Dance club is named.   They have been the featured Round Dance Instructors at many festivals   throughout the United States. They were on staff at the McCloud Dance Country   Square and Round Dance Vacationland in Northern California for over 25 years ,   with their own week long dancer and new/beginning teacher clinics. They have   taught at many State and National Conventions and have been clinicians at several  ROUNDALAB conventions. They have just recently been accepted as Roundalab   Mini-Lab clinicians.  Sharon and Casey are members of several local associations and are Charter   members of ROUNDALAB. They have served on both the Board of Directors and   Executive Committee of Roundalab. They have served as chair-couple of many  ROUNDALAB committees including Video Education Materials, Curriculum-handbook   for Teacher Training, Convention Education and Standardization Coordinator.   During their tenure as Video chair-couple they worked to oversee the production   of the current ROUNDALAB Video Demonstration Tapes and the Addendum tapes.   When you meet Sharon you might recognize her “voice”, but not her face, as hers   was the voice on the videos.   They have been part of the Square and Round Dance movement for 48 years,   providing leadership for over 42 of those years, but most importantly, making friends   across the country. They enjoy dancing and hope their enthusiasm is contagious.